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Pré du lion or Pré de l'Ion ?

Pré du lion or Pré de l’Ion ?

What is the origin of the name given to the site where you are today ?

Most probably, from the word ion/hyon, in old French, that is to say

small island. We can find some in the middle of the Ourthe (the river) , in direction of La Roche-en-Ardenne and in many other rivers.

These small islands are often covered with water when it is raining hard and particularly when it is thawing fast and strong.

This was the case here. The meadow is surrounded on one side by the East Ourthe, and, on the other side by the « channel », which is a small canal that fed the communal mill in the past.

This meadow was probably less high than today and let appear a small island in its middle when waters were very strong at that time ; from which one the name.

Years after years and centuries after centuries, this name became the Pré du Lion (Meadow of the Lion)

An. other story that is also possible, but we do not find any trail.

« Once upon a time, along time ago, a circus settled in Houffalize A lion, we do not know the reason why, escaped from its cage ; it threatened the people in the town and finally arrived in this meadow where a brave huntsman shot it. The huntsman, came from Houffalize. Since that day, the residents of Houffalize called this meadow : Le Pré du Lion »

This is the story grandfathers are telling to their grandchildren for years and years.

You are here today ; you choose the origin you prefer.